appassionata Vineyards, newberg, Oregon 

The clients are a joint venture partnership between Jay Christopher Wines and Dr. Loosen from Mosel Germany.

Construction work started in the Spring of 2010 when we were hired to complete a fast tracked barrel caves that would operate in the Fall of that first year as a winery. We put together project team, excavated a cave site, sourced and placed precast concrete vaults, which were later insulated and then back filled.

The following Spring phase 2 construction began with insulated , colored concrete tilt up walls and a commercial truss roof.system. Some added features are the curved gluelam beams in the crush pad area, precast door and window surrounds, and lovely stone veneer work on the exterior. We again were asked to get the second phase up and running before the 2011 crush.

Phase 3 is to be a tasting room, offices and lab located on top of the existing caves structure. This will be a wonderful addition to the project and is currently under construction with completion expected for the Summer of 2017.

Project Data

Completion: November 2003
Client: Jay Somers & Dr. Ernst Loosen
Architect: Laurence Ferar and Associates, Inc
Square Footage: 4380
Production: 2000 Cases